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Almonte Area Time Trial Series - 2019-May-28 - 15km (Clayton Rd.) (EvtFactor= 0.7077)

Ottawa Weather (18:00): Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 12.5C, Wind: NE 20km/h, Relative humidity: 76%, Dew point: 9C, Pressure: 100.8kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Ottawa Weather (19:00): Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 11.7C, Wind: ENE 19km/h, Relative humidity: 82%, Dew point: 9C, Pressure: 100.8kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Ottawa Weather (20:00): Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 11.1C, Wind: ENE 14km/h, Relative humidity: 85%, Dew point: 9C, Pressure: 100.8kPa, Visibility: 24km.

Under cloudy skies, 3 riders showed up for the first 15k of the Almonte Area series. Still air attended the occasion but mechanical problems resulted in disappointment for latter pair of riders.


1 Burge, Larry  OBC 25:59 34.638 1/3 U60M 1/2  
2 Burdett, Avery 
(faulty gear shift lever)
OBC 27:55 32.239 2/3 U90M 1/1  
3 Miller, Mark 
(at least 1 minute lost due to wheel pulled over)
OBC 28:54 31.142 3/3 U60M 2/2  
Average Speed of all of the above 3 finishes (45km in 01:22:48):32.609
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 3 finishes32.673<<<

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Thanks to our Helpers: Timekeeper : Les Humphreys, turn : Joe Dupuis


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