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CycleFit Chicks' Time Trial Series - 2012-Jun-11 - 10km (Rockliffe Pkwy) (EvtFactor= 0.9147)

Ottawa Weather (18:00): Cloudy. Temperature: 31°C, Humidity: 52%, Dew Point: 21°C, Wind: SSW 16km/h, Pressure: 101.5kPa, Vis: 10km, Humidex: 39.
Ottawa Weather (19:00): Cloudy. Temperature: 29°C, Humidity: 53%, Dew Point: 19°C, Wind: SW 10km/h, Pressure: 101.5kPa, Vis: 10km, Humidex: 35.
Ottawa Weather (20:00): Cloudy. Temperature: 26°C, Humidity: 67%, Dew Point: 20°C, Wind: SE 9km/h, Pressure: 101.5kPa, Vis: 10km, Humidex: 34.

The weather was nice and toasty (31°C) tonight and there was a great pre-TT show of the Snowbirds directly overhead, but only five women arrived for the festivities. Again the vote was to do a 10km time trial, so this is what we did, and we decided to space out the riders so that everyone would either have someone in sight or be in someone's sight at the end. Thuy Do on her recumbent trike started out first and ended last (with Monika Tanaka in sight), but Thuy was the most improved by a long shot with a huge 44.71% increase in her previous best cube speed! She did 26:04 (23.018km/h), up from a previous best of 29:29 (20.350km/h) 2 weeks ago. Two minutes later it was Janique Gagnon's turn to start. Two minutes is a rather long time for three productive people - long enough for a photo op - and so Janique posed with Jim for a snap by Marc Gagnon. Still, once she left the line, Janique was doing serious riding - She improved by 9.65%, breaking the 30km/h mark for the first time with a time of 19:46 (30.354km/h). Monica Tanaka was out for her first time trial this year, so we let her go a minute after Janique based upon her times from last year. Without aero bars, she did her best to ride low with her forearms on the top of her handlebars, but indicated that with her sweat response to the heat, she was having trouble not sliding off of them. She made the decision to alternate between her aero position and a position which avoided instantaneously and painfully reducing the wind drag and her speed to zero! She finished in 22:01 (27.252km/h). Celia McInnis was next off after another two minutes. A little over-done from 503km in the last three days and 4 time trials in the last 8 days, she didn't even realize that she had a heavy water bottle in her back pocket. Kathy Bradley was kind enough to ask her if she really wanted to take it for a ride. Celia pitched it and then smiled, not grimaced, as Marc took her picture. She finished in 19:04 (31.469km/h), about 83.68% of her best CFCTT this year, but hey, she had at least as much fun as anybody on the planet! Finally, after two more minutes Kathy Bradley sped out of the start area and finished fastest in 16:27 (36.474km/h), an improvement of 1.83%. Jim joked that her improvement was good but low enough so that we wouldn't have to subject her to any drug testing. Looking forward to more fun and good times next week!


S 1 Bradley, Kathy  CYF 16:27 36.474 1/5 U50F 1/2 1.0183
2 McInnis, Celia  ABC/CYF 19:04 31.469 2/5 U60F 1/1 0.8368
3 Gagnon, Janique  CYF 19:46 30.354 3/5 U50F 2/2 1.0965
4 Tanaka, Monica  CYF 22:01 27.252 4/5 U30F 1/2  
5 Do, Thuy  CYF 26:04 23.018 5/5 U30F 2/2 1.4471
Average Speed of all of the above 5 finishes (50km in 01:43:22):29.023
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 5 finishes29.713<<<

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Thanks to our Helpers: Marc Gagné, Jim Glover, Celia McInnis.


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