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ABC Open TT Series - 2016-Aug-23 - 15km (Clayton Rd.) (EvtFactor = 0.9855)

Ottawa Weather (18:00): Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 26.4C, Wind: SW 21 gust 33km/h, Humidex: 30, Relative humidity: 47%, Dew point: 14C, Pressure: 102.0kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Ottawa Weather (19:00): Partly Cloudy. Temperature: 25.4C, Wind: SSW 18km/h, Humidex: 29, Relative humidity: 49%, Dew point: 14C, Pressure: 102.0kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Ottawa Weather (20:00): Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 23.2C, Wind: SW 15km/h, Humidex: 27, Relative humidity: 56%, Dew point: 14C, Pressure: 102.0kPa, Visibility: 23km.

On August 23, after a two week break due to inclement weather, 8 riders started and finished the 15th time trial of the season. Conditions at the start were sunny, 26C, with 10 to 15 km/hr SW winds which seemed to abate somewhat during the event and which may have contributed to some excellent results. The fastest rider was Mike Nash, who despite a car being an impediment at the turn, posted a almost season's best and was the fastest on the night. The fastest ABC rider was Mike Coldwell with a course best. Of note is Bill's excellent time for his first TT since an accident took him out of the time trial schedule for a month. We will also like to acknowledge the PB of Luc Angers. Sadly for us Luc will be leaving next week and will not be around for a year to do local time trials. He will be off to university, first to McGill then to Denmark. Good luck to him in his studies.

Celia adds: Note that Luc Angers has improved with each attempt (in 2015 and 2016) on the Clayton Road course, with a phenomenal improvement of 32.19% in his cube speed this week! A huge congratulations to you Luc!!! Meanwhile, here is a graph showing how all of today's riders have done in the 15km ATTs thus far for the 2016 season and here is a graph showing all of the 15km ATTs so far this season. As well, here are the current ABC BAR rankings and a graph showing the ABC rider consistency for their BAR results.

Please note, that next 15km Time Trial will be on August 30th with the watch starting at 6:30pm and with sign in starting at 6:00.

The fourth and last 40 km Time Trial is Sunday, September 4th meeting in Franktown at the Calvary Christian Academy Parking lot from 7:30am with the watch starting at 8:15am. Please email Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan at, or contact Les Humphreys at 613 256 2498 (email: if you are intending participate in this event.


1 Nash, Michael  OBC/RWR 20:03 44.888 1/8 U50M 1/1 0.9926
S 2 Angers, Luc RWR 21:12 42.453 2/8 U30M 1/1 1.3219
3 Burge, Larry  OBC 22:05 40.755 3/8 U60M 1/3 0.9820
4 Coldwell, Michael  ABC 23:45 37.895 4/8 U60M 2/3 1.0319
5 Miller, Mark  ABC 26:02 34.571 5/8 U60M 3/3 0.9124
6 Humphreys, Les  OBC/ABC 26:21 34.156 6/8 U80M 1/2 1.0482
7 McAuslan, Dave  OBC/ABC 26:30 33.962 7/8 U80M 2/2 1.0019
8 Treusch, Bill ABC 30:08 29.867 8/8 U70M 1/1 0.9967
Average Speed of all of the above 8 finishes (120km in 03:16:06):36.716
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 8 finishes37.318<<<

The number of data records shown above is 8
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Thanks to our Helpers: Anne-Marie Carter-McAuslan was the time keeper ably assisted by our student voluteer Logan Perry. Fred Gueur was our Turn Marshall.


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