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OBC Women's TT Series - 2016-Aug-09 - 15km (Rockliffe Pkwy) (EvtFactor = 0.9506)

Ottawa Weather (18:00): Mainly Sunny. Temperature: 31.5C, Wind: SSW 14 gust 33km/h, Humidex: 33, Relative humidity: 25%, Dew point: 9C, Pressure: 101.8kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Ottawa Weather (19:00): Partly Cloudy. Temperature: 29.8C, Wind: SSW 23km/h, Humidex: 31, Relative humidity: 29%, Dew point: 10C, Pressure: 101.8kPa, Visibility: 24km.
Ottawa Weather (20:00): Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 26.6C, Wind: SSW 9km/h, Humidex: 28, Relative humidity: 35%, Dew point: 10C, Pressure: 101.7kPa, Visibility: 24km.

Many thanks to Morley Dore for taking these pictures as well as being the turn-around marshal. Thanks as well to all of the other volunteers who make this event a pleasure to participate in regardless of any weather challenges!

Tonight we had sunshine with strong (up to 33km/h) gusty side winds mostly from the south, a temperature of 32C and air pressure of 101.8kPa. Thirteen women rode tonight's time trial and five improved upon their previous 2016 WTT best 15km. For your interest, here is a graph showing how all of today's riders have done in the WTTs thus far for the 2016 season. Congratulations to Marie Claire Brisbois (new this year to the WTT series and trying out a skin suit for the first time!) and especially to Candace Anderson, in her fifth year of WTT participation, for also improving upon their previous database best for 15km. For your further interest, here is a graph showing all results so far this season. Check out the category rankings for those who have done at least 5 WTT events, at most one of which can be a 10km result and the category rankings for those who have done at least 4 WTT events, at most one of which can be a 10km result. It has not yet been determined how many WTT events you need to ride in order to qualify for the prizes, so it might be good to aim for doing at least 5 WTTs including at most one one 10km WTT event.


1 Brisbois, Marie Claire OBC 23:30 38.298 1/13 U40F 1/2 1.0388
2 King, Margaret OBC 23:34 38.190 2/13 U60F 1/5 1.0214
3 Pazdzior, Ellen  OBC 24:05 37.370 3/13 U60F 2/5 0.9938
4 McDonald Ibarra, Kory  OBC 24:15 37.113 4/13 U50F 1/4 0.9775
5 Ingham, Alison  OBC/RWR 24:16 37.088 5/13 U50F 2/4 1.0124
6 Anderson, Candace  OBC 24:35 36.610 6/13 U50F 3/4 1.0580
7 Bender, Sandra  ABC 25:21 35.503 7/13 U60F 3/5 0.8521
8 Aimers, Julia OBC 25:29 35.317 8/13 U60F 4/5 0.8760
9 Marleau, Dianne  OBC 26:25 34.069 9/13 U60F 5/5  
10 McInnis, Celia  OBC/ABC 26:41 33.729 10/13 U70F 1/2 0.9394
11 Morris, Jane  OBC 28:21 31.746 11/13 U70F 2/2 1.0178
12 Byskov, Karen  OBC 31:30 28.571 12/13 U50F 4/4 0.9302
13 Johnson, Laura  OBC 35:51 25.105 13/13 U40F 2/2 0.8381
Average Speed of all of the above 13 finishes (195km in 05:43:53):34.023
>>>Average of the Average Speeds for these 13 finishes34.516<<<

The number of data records shown above is 13
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Thanks to our Helpers: Morley Dore, Bob Hicks, Jim Glover, Laura Johnson, Michael Lombardo, Celia McInnis, Barbara Wilson, Don Wilson.


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